A message from the head of the wine cellars
«The real challenge is to install Château Plaisance among the best bordeaux supérieur. » The terroir of the alluvial soils of the palud of the Garonne River is planted with 70% merlot. Petit-verdot grapes also grow readily in these soils, and make up 10% of production, with the remainder of the blend coming from 20% cabernet-sauvignon.
The density of our planting is 5000 vines for each hectare.
To extract the best of this terroir, our goal is a yield of 55 hectolitres per hectare for the merlot, 35 hectolitres for the petit-verdot, and 45 hectolitres for the cabernet-sauvignon.
Our demand for quality is present in every step of producing our wine. Everything is done to optimise the maturity and
the expression of the fruit (hard pruning, bud pruning, inter-row planting, leaf stripping, green harvest, if needed).
Our winemaking is traditional, in an ultra-modern chai.
The production of Château Plaisance ages well in wine cellars. Keeping these wines between 5 and 12 years give the wine time to mature.
Claude Gaudin